Retractable clotheslines

Retractable clotheslines are increasingly used and demanded by the urban families who live in apartments and flats. Retractable clotheslines are the most suitable and modern clotheslines model available in the market for those who have long and narrow space for drying clothes. Retractable clotheslines are budget friendly and compact to fit the requirements of a small family who essentially seek out stain and odour free clothes drying solutions which are maintenance free and can be installed quickly and easily.

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multiple choices of clotheslines ideal for studios and small to medium sized families.


Retrapent Clothesline

Retrapent is a contemporary clothes drying kit which is suitable for small and medium sized families. Retrapent clothesline has five retractable lines which sit in a rust-proof case made of polycarbonate plastic. Retrapent is lightweight and can be easily mounted on outdoor walls, in the balcony or in the laundry room. When retrapent is not in use, you can release the lines and the lines loop back in to the case. Retrapent clothesline is recommended for lightweight laundry drying usage.

Rainbow Retrapent


Retramono Clothesline

Retramono is a compact and rock-solid clothesline fixture for urban apartments and homes. Retramono is a quick and easy cloth drying solution that can be installed indoor or outdoor. Retramono clothesline pulls out to any length up to 15 meters and it retracts automatically once unhooked. Retramono is a recommended economic cloth drying solution which can be installed on any hard surface or wall.

Rainbow Retramono SS